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Gushers are concocted from GSC, Gelato #41, and Sunset Sherbet strain. It brings forth a light sweet citrusy and earthy flavor. It has high terpene levels of Beta-Caryophyllene and Limonene. It provides relief from the symptoms associated with chronic pain, anxiety, & depression. Buy our award-winning Gusher terps based on award-winning strain Gusher profile sure to improve the flavor of any vape, aroma, or food products. Our Gushers Terpenes have unique mood enhancing or sedative properties that have the ability to influence your smoking experience. This Gushers Strain profile is sure to be reminiscent of your favorite canna strain Gushers.

Though the name is reminiscent of a gummy-gooey snack packed in your lunch as a kid, the genetics are far from elementary. Parent strain Gelato #41 comes from Cookie family’s genetics of Girl Scout Cookie crossed with Sunset Sherbet, lending a fruity cookie aroma to the strain. The other parent strain responsible for Gushers’ genetics is Triangle Kush, which is an indica that originated from Florida. Combined, the two parents produce an offspring that provides relief to patients looking to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety, chronic pain and depression.

Gushers is a perfect cross of Gelato #41 and TK, a true connoisseur’s Indica with perfectly formed nugs drenched in crystal. This strain packs a heavy punch and provides a heavy, long lasting high. Recommended for relaxation and appetite stimulation.



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  1. Timmy longway

    Gusher is fire 🔥👌🏽

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