The # 1 Indica fan looking for robust plants with fast, vigorous flowering and big, dense buds! Our classic Ice Cream Cake strain has been feminized to make it easier for beginners and indoor medical cannabis growers with little space.

Ice Cream Cake Feminized seeds are an easy path to success.

5 seeds = 49.99$

Ice Cream Cake Feminized seeds have been created with the best indica parents from our collection of special Ice Cream Cake cultivars. The best hash plants from Sensi Seeds have been synthesized into a variety of feminized indoor seeds that provide growers with manual examples of the “Afghanica” genotype, no exceptions.

It has strong, medium-sized plants with thick lateral branches and an abundance of dark green leaves. For full-size plants with optimal performance, Ice Cream Cake Feminized seeds should be in the vegetative phase for at least 8-10 weeks prior to flowering. With a shorter growth period, the plants can be kept to a final height of less than 100 cm. Height gain during flowering is in the normal indica range, with plants almost doubling the height of the vegetative phase during the flowering period.

This variety finishes quickly, forming very close nodes of mature buds 7 to 9 weeks after the start of flowering. Plants grown from Ice Cream Cake Feminized seeds tend to perform at their best with a single main stem and unpruned branches. Plants that are applied “techniques such as topping” to increase branching and bud sites must be given several additional weeks of growing time before flowering.

Although cannabis indica takes its name from India, cannabis seeds from Afghanistan provide us with the best examples of the indica family, short, powerful, and dense flowering. All types of cannabis originate from the Indian subcontinent, including pure indicas – found mainly in the mountainous north of the country. The short and rapid growth pattern of the indica genotype is the result of adaptation to the varied and extreme conditions of a high altitude environment.

Similar conditions are found in the Afghan mountains of the Hindu Kush, which share the ancient Indian tradition of cannabis cultivation and hashish agriculture. For generations, Afghani indica varieties have been selectively bred for their potency, weight, and resin production. The result is a rich and dynamic gene pool of unique looking Afghani indica and dozens, if not hundreds, of local variations. Two Indica cultivars prized from neighboring valleys can share the same aroma and have buds with completely different structures; a pair of distantly related varieties might appear identical, having very different effects.

Ice Cream Cake Feminized buds are heavy and taste great, with a very powerful and relaxing indica effect. When flowering begins, the hard oval calyxes begin to cluster at each node, filling the upper part of the stem and branches with long white pistils. The calyxes multiply and swell to medium size, compacting as solid buds form. These buds are grouped into larger clumps, and when 60% to 75% of the pistils have turned from white to orange, the upper section of the main stem should be a single tail completely covered in resin.

Thanks to the density and weight of this variety, even the smallest unconnected flower clusters in the lower sections of each plant add good yield when picked. For the same reason, Ice Cream Cake Feminized buds are still heavy – maintaining a good proportion of their weight when dry. Large glues should retain most of their size, visibly shrinking little during the drying and curing process.

When examining the dried buds of Ice Cream Cake Feminized, it becomes obvious why the Afghani ancestors of this strain are known as hash plants! A thick layer of trichomes – the raw ingredient in hashish – completely covers the clusters of mature flowers, as well as the single-toed leaves that grow from them

During manicure, scissors and fingers are always stuck and sticky by the dark sticky trichomes, reminiscent of the way fresh hashish is collected from Indian “charas”. When properly dried and cured, tapping a bud of Ice Cream Cake Feminized releases a small shower of yellowish-brown powder. These are the resin glands in their dry form, which are collected to make sieved hashish from Afghanistan and Morocco.

The rich flavor of the pure resin is a strong element of the Ice Cream Cake Feminized scent bouquet, along with the sweet, earthy, incense and spicy aromas that are characteristic of Afghani indica.

Naturally, the buds produced by Ice Cream Cake Feminized have an extremely potent, attractive and long-lasting indica high that focuses on the body. This variety is a wonderful appetite stimulant, and can be a great help to relax and fall asleep. While inexperienced recreational smokers may find the indica potency of Ice Cream Cake Feminized to make them sleepy in large doses, indica connoisseurs will enjoy the ride from start to finish.

When you experience the magic of an original Afghani indica, you understand why this genotype is so important to modern cultivation. Most of the best indoor hybrids inherit their compact growth, dense flower formation, and exceptional yield from Afghan hash plants. No matter your experience, if you grow indoors and if you are looking for a dark, aromatic indica with fast, heavy and powerful flowering, order your Ice Cream Cake Feminized Seeds now!

  • Feminized variety – Ice Cream Cake Feminized is a feminized strain, which will only produce female cannabis plants.
  • Indicates – The Ice Cream Cake Feminized strain has a large proportion of indica genes in its makeup.
  • Short flowering period – Ice Cream Cake Feminized will have a comparatively short flowering time.
  • Average increase in height – Ice Cream Cake Feminized will have medium height gain during flowering.
  • High performance – Ice Cream Cake Feminized can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to reach their full potential.
  • Sunny / Mediterranean – Ice Cream Cake Feminized can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with long summers.
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