With the Somango cannabis seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop, we have become the first seed bank to offer marijuana seeds with less than 1% THC and high CBD content.

5 seeds = 49.99$

For years at Dutch Seeds Shop, they have been working with genetics both rich in THC and CBD. The advantages of automatic flowering plants (which do not need a reduction in daylight hours to bud) are undeniable. They take up little space, are easy to grow and quick to harvest. It is enough with a balcony or small terrace so that we can supply our own consumption.

Being specialists in setting specific cannabinoid levels to different strains, we set out to create a variety of marijuana that did not reach 1% THC, had a high CBD content, rich in terpenes and was attractive to grow, both for this reason, how for all the advantages that we have commented, they have the automatic plants.  From two completely different lines of CBD-rich varieties,  one of Afghan origin and the other of Asian origin, the latter discovered by our laboratories., we have managed to be the first to make this “CBD Only” variety available to home growers, without using crosses between the same line, thus avoiding inbreeding in the offspring. It should be noted that  Somango is a high quality CANNABIS plant, rich in aromas and cannabidiol, it is not industrial HEMP rich in fibers.

Our feminized Somango is a  CBD RICH marijuana plant that reaches 21% CBD without reaching 1% THC. It has a medium height, with little distance between branches and is very aromatic. Its effect is very interesting for those who want to enjoy the full flavor of cannabis but without feeling psychoactive effects, also ideal to replace tobacco as a base in mixtures with hashish or extractions. A similar example would be decaffeinated coffee, to enjoy all the flavor but without the components that alter you.


GENETICS:  75% indica 25% sativa
Indoor: 9 weeks from sowing
FLAVOR / AROMA:  Gingerbread cookie with a citrus finish.
EFFECT:  Soft, clean, very light.
CANNABINOIDS:  It reaches 21% CBD and in no case exceeds 1% THC (CBD / THC ratio: 22: 1)

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