Dutch Seeds Shop has worked meticulously to meet the highest demands among those opting for non-psychoactive CBD strains.

On the one hand, we have achieved cannabinoid levels that exceed CBD values ​​of 10% in some individuals, while the THC content is around  5%.

5 seeds = 39.99$

Critical Mass is a very pleasant variety on the palate, and its high levels of terpenes transmit the best nuances, predominantly sweet and citrus aromas such as lemon, orange and / or mango, with notes of earth and pine.

Critical Mass is a hybrid whose sativa part is provided by a backcrossed Skunk #1 to make it CBD homozygous, while its indica ancestry comes from a selective crossing of Afghan CBD varieties.

Its growth is explosive and culminates in a sublime flowering, which highlights its final production and the quality of its flowers, voluminous and compact, and also covered with a crystalline layer of resin.


AtmosphereInterior Exterior
GeneticsHybrid Indica.
Indoor flowering time75 days
Harvest month outdoorsSecond half of October 
Production m²450 – 480 g
Outdoor production per plant1000 – 1500 g
TasteCitrus like lemon, orange and / or mango. Earthy nuances and pine
EffectLift your spirits, control stress and anxiety
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