Autoflowering variety. Hybrid resulting from the cross between our most awarded variety, the original Pineapple Express and an exotic autoflowering strain with purple flowers and Pakistani Kush ancestors.

The aroma of Pineapple Express Autoflowering is very sweet and fruity, with a background of earthy tones inherited from our Pineapple Express.

5 seeds = 49.99$

The appearance of this variety is of an Indica plant, with a short internodal distance, a large number of small branches on its stem, compact buds and a large central bud. This variety is a great producer of resin.


Indica:  91.87% /  Sativa:  5% /  Ruderalis:  3.12%
THC:  15-18%  CBD:  0.8%
Indoor Production:  350-550 g / m 2
Outdoor Production:  35-150 g / plant
Harvest Indoor / Outdoor:  8 weeks from germination
Height:  60-110 cm
Red Flower:  90% approximate of individuals

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