Auto 60 Day Wonder is born from a mixture of two genetics (William’s Wonder and Ruderalis) selected to achieve an impressive auto hybrid. It has all the characteristics of a great Indica, it has a fast flowering and a great resin production.

5 seeds = 44.99$

It is a very compact and robust plant, with large dark green foliage.

Its flavor is sweet at the beginning and acid at the end, its effect is relaxing and pleasant. Due to its unique characteristics, it is also indicated to alleviate the effects of some diseases.

  • Type 100% Autoflowering
  • Indoor Production 550 gr. / m2 20 plants per meter 600 W
  • Flowering 7 weeks
  • Height 40/150 cm
  • Outdoor Production 30/90 gr. per plant
  • Flowering 60 days from germination
  • Height 40/100 cm
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